Ruined Families – We Want Everything

Stranded by global disarray, we are trying to find ways to navigate in a world that looks increasingly complex and dangerous. Despite loss and defeat, we are fuelled with rage and spite while seeking possible lines of escape.

We do not pursue a return to any version of an idealized past; we desire real change. We want to construct visions of the future that are more inclusive and equal for all. Our volatile bodies act as barriers and battlefields. We may be ugly and strange, but we are determined.

The old world is in front of us. We want everything.

Video by Thanos Mitsios

Lyrics We Want Everything:

No country explains what human means

as borders remove our basic needs

With commodified sexuality my body

is a battlefield and the news

report a serious accident

I’m like you, but totally different

I’m like you

But, I shoplift desire from the markets of

pleasure dreaming of errors right where perfection explodes

Justice vanished as it appeared

There’s no high or low I’m sick of choices, cause I want it all

This is here and now

his is here and now