Ruined Families – Image of an Image

Image of an Image’ addresses the issue of archival breakdown in a time of ubiquitous media platforms. In the contemporary era, cultural trends ceaselessly oscillate between nostalgia and newness and past, present and future visions are entangled into image-forms that seduce and inspire at the same time. Influenced by the strange and banal condition of constant data flow, ‘Image of an Image’ attempts a detournement towards the visual politics of the digital age.

Video by Thanos Mitsios

Lyrics Image of an Image :

The camera kills

The body shapes

The device succeeds

No face remains

It’s breaking speed

An empty frame

Only impressions made

Memory loss

Narcissist prose

Memory loss

Vanity calls

Memory loss

Mirror dissolves

Memory loss

In a black box

Transform the image

Transform yourself

The signs remain unable to let us know

It’s what you know it’s not what you see

Everything is a copy of a copy of me